The 5 axis and hybrid stabilizer Trinity, is the new steadicam school that Arri company launched in 2017.

Until present, i am still the first and only owner of this system in Lebanon and the Middle east.

This combination between a gimbal and a mechanical stabilizer allows the operator to move freely in all directions, to switch from high mode to low mode in a second and during the shot while having the horizon always stabilized.

Whereas running with a Steadicam isn’t possible, and holding it for long hours is a curse for the operators, a great combination between the Trinity and the Segway came to facilitate their lives and opens previously inaccessible grounds.

The Trinity/Segway allows travelling up to 21km/h, it may spare rails, cars dolly's… making the filming process faster and easier.

In high speed, it allows chasing skate boarders, rollers, runners, quads, motorcycles, games players… while in low speed it allows travelling for long distances near walking persons or any other action.

It is available in Soft and Hard mount modes, with 2 sets of wheels, one for the outdoor and another slim and small for indoors.

Switching between normal Trinity, Hard mount or soft mount takes less than a minute.

Lots of production houses, directors and cinematographers rely on this system as an essential element for their productions since many of their shots weren’t possible without it.