Fares Corbani started his career at an early age as a camera operator.

Early 2010, his interest in the art of Steadicam, led him to attend a workshop at the “Sachtler Academy” in Munich-Germany with the rig designer Mr. Curt Schaller.

As Fares’ career quickly expanded, he became an emerging Steadicam operator in the region and key to many production houses, directors and cinematographers from different cultures, origins & backgrounds.

Back in 2015, Fares resided in Hollywood – Los Angeles, the city of lights, for 6 months. During his stay, he met the Steadicam inventor Mr. Garett Brown, with whom he completed a Steadicam workshop. Also, he attended cinematography master classes at the Global Cinematography Institute – GCI and the ASC Masterclass.

He gained a lot of experience from the expertise of great renowned directors of photography and ASC members.

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