Fares Corbani started his remarkable journey as a camera operator at an early age, revealing a passion that ignited his career.

After completing his studies, Fares delved into the world of Steadicam.

As Fares’s talents rapidly flourished, he emerged as a prominent Steadicam operator, capturing the attention of esteemed production houses, directors, and cinematographers from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Fueling his dedication to the art of Steadicam, Fares made a resolute decision to further elevate his skills and equip himself with the cutting-edge ARRI TRINITY system in 2017.

Driven by a strong passion to share his knowledge and experiences, Fares enjoys teaching and conducting workshops worldwide.

While Fares Corbani’s main focus is on operating and training, he actively stays up to date with the latest technologies and equipment. He constantly seeks inspiration and expands his knowledge in the ever-changing film industry.

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