Born in Baabdat - Lebanon, Fares Corbani started his career at an early age as a camera operator.

Early 2010, just after finishing his audio-visual studies in Beirut, his interest in the art of steadicam led him to attend a workshop at the Sachtler Academy in Munich-Germany with the designer Mr. Curt Schaller.

End of 2013, he developped his career by attending a private Steadicam / Segway workshop in Dusseldorf-Germany with Mr. Reinhard Ansorge - creator and designer of the system. Until present time, Fares remains its only owner in Lebanon and the Middle East.
Back in 2015, Fares pursued his dream and met the Steadicam inventor Mr. Garett Brown personally, with whom he completed a personal workshop in Los Angeles, California.

As Fares’ career quickly expanded, he became an emerging Steadicam / Segway operator in the region and key to many production houses, directors and cinematographers from different cultures, origins & backgrounds, in shooting feature films, short films, TV commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Throughout his career, Fares held many workshops about Steadicam / Segway, introduction to cinematography and camera techniques at several universities in Lebanon such as “Notre Dame University - NDU”, “American University of Science and Technology - AUST”, “Al-Kafaat University – AKU”.

Being a scuba diving instructor, Fares is known to be one of the rare underwater cinematographers in the region.

April 2015 was a turning point in his career as he explored in depth his passion to cinematography. Therefore, he resided for 6 months in Hollywood – Los Angeles, the city of lights, to attend cinematography master classes and to explore a bigger market, innovative productions and newest technologies.
During this stay, Fares attended the “Cinematography Masterclass” at the American Society Of Cinematographers (ASC), and the “Expanded Cinematography” courses level 1&2 at the Global Cinematography Institute (GCI).
He gained a lot of experience from the expertise of some of the world’s best cinematographers, special effects supervisors, gaffers, DITs, focus pullers, camera technicians and colorists such as Vilmos Zsigmond,ASC / Matthew Libatique,ASC / Yuri Neyman,ASC / Roberto Schaefer,ASC, AIC / BILL Taylor,ASC / Robert Legato,ASC / David Stump,ASC / BILL Bennett,ASC / John Bailey,ASC / Don McCuaig,ASC / Richard Crudo,ASC / Daryn Okada,ASC / Larry Fong,ASC / Cynthia Pusheck,ASC / Peter Levy,ASC / Russ Alsobrook,ASC / Oliver Bokelberg,ASC / David Darby,ASC / Michael Goi,ASC.

December 2017, Fares decided to expand his Steadicam career by purchasing the new Trinity/Arri system and attending a one on one workshop with the inventor Mr. Curt Schaller at Arri headquarters Munich.

Fares continues to be one of the leaders in the Trinity/Segway market in the region, and works as a cinematographer on several projects with established and renowned directors.