Fares Corbani embarked on his remarkable journey as a camera operator, revealing a passion that ignited his career at an early age.

Early 2011, after completing his studies in Beirut, Fares delved into the captivating world of Steadicam and eagerly sought knowledge in a workshop at the renowned "Sachtler Academy" in Munich, Germany, under the guidance of the rig designer, Curt Schaller..

As Fares's talents rapidly flourished, he emerged as a prominent Steadicam operator, capturing the regional attention of esteemed production houses, directors, and cinematographers from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

In 2015, Fares ventured to the city of lights, Los Angeles, where he had the privilege of connecting with the visionary behind Steadicam itself, Garett Brown. There, Fares immersed himself and expanded his skills by attending Cinematography Master Classes at the esteemed American Society of Cinematographers - ASC Masterclass and the Global Cinematography Institute - GCI, where he gained invaluable insights from renowned directors of photography and industry professionals.

Fueling his dedication to the art of Steadicam, Fares made a resolute decision to further elevate his skills and equip himself with the cutting-edge ARRI TRINITY system in 2017. To master this exceptional technology, he engaged in a one-on-one workshop with product designer Curt Schaller at ARRI's headquarters in Munich.

In 2019, Fares was the first in his region to be recognized as an active member of The Society Of Camera Operators – SOC, in the USA.

Shortly after, Fares also earned the distinction of becoming a certified TRINITY trainer for ARRI. Driven by an unwavering passion to share his knowledge and experiences, Fares indulges his permanent ardor for teaching by conducting workshops worldwide.

In 2020, he solidified his standing as a leader in the TRINITY world. Furthermore, Fares was welcomed as a full member of The Association Of Camera Operators (ACO) in the UK, alongside the world's most accomplished camera operators.

While Fares Corbani's main focus is on operating and training, he actively stays up to date with the latest technologies and equipment. He constantly seeks inspiration and expands his knowledge in the ever-changing film industry. Fares ensures that he attends renowned annual exhibitions such as Camerimage, NAB, Cinegear, and IBC. These events provide him with valuable opportunities to enhance his skills and stay informed about the latest industry innovations and trends.

Continuing to pave the way in the moving camera industry, Fares Corbani's exceptional skill set, showreel and reputation have propelled him to seize remarkable opportunities on an international scale. Over the past couple of years, he has dedicated his expertise to international sets and large-scale productions, solidifying his position as a sought-after professional and specialist in the field.

Guided by his visionary perspective, Fares Corbani thrives in the camera operating world, surpassing limitations and embracing noteworthy global prospects.
In 2020, he embarked on an exciting new chapter, making a courageous leap to Dubai. Recognizing that this decision marked the beginning of a captivating journey, Fares remained aware that greater adventures awaited him on the horizon.
As destiny would have it, in 2023, he gracefully transitioned to the enchanting city of Paris, adding another vibrant chapter to his extraordinary story.