Fares Corbani embarked on his remarkable journey as a camera operator, revealing a passion that ignited his career at an early age.

Early 2011, after completing his studies in Beirut, Fares delved into the captivating world of Steadicam and eagerly sought knowledge in a workshop at the renowned "Sachtler Academy" in Munich, Germany, under the guidance of the rig designer, Curt Schaller..

As Fares's talents rapidly flourished, he emerged as a prominent Steadicam operator, capturing the regional attention of esteemed production houses, directors, and cinematographers from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

In 2015, Fares ventured to the city of lights, Los Angeles, where he had the privilege of connecting with the visionary behind Steadicam itself, Garett Brown. There, Fares immersed himself and expanded his skills by attending Cinematography Master Classes at the esteemed American Society of Cinematographers - ASC Masterclass and the Global Cinematography Institute - GCI, where he gained invaluable… Read more


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