A one-week camera stabilizing system workshop, taught by the inventor and designer Mr. Curt Schaller at the Sachtler Academy Munich, Germany.

It gives each participant perfect practical and theoretical experience to begin working professionally, plus the mental tools needed to meet future challenges, as well as exercises and shots to practice after completing the course.

Shots blocking, ways of communication with DPs and directors, consideration of other departments (lighting, audio..) were some of the workshops essentials.

Instruction includes:

  • Physical principles - vest, arm and sled
  • Balancing the Steadicam - both static and dynamic
  • Inertial control and augmentation
  • High Mode
  • Low Mode
  • Long Mode (ultra high and ultra low modes)
  • Shooting from vehicles - hard and soft mounts?
  • Safety
  • Right and Left side operating
  • Missionary and Don Juan positions
  • Aids to navigation
  • Stairs